Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Insurance and You

Ok so one of the downfalls of growing up and not acting like a kid anymore is responsibilities, when we are born we are expected to act a certain way when we reach a certain age. We are also expected to encounter problems caused by the monetary government. Luckily for us the same people that give us the monetary system and it's problems give us ways to defend ourselves against them.

These defences are called insurance and essentially allows us to insure ourselves against "bad things".

These bad things can range from work injuries to car accidents, medical dilemmas and especially mother nature.

what i find fascinating is that these defenses (insurance) also leads to more problems caused by the monetary system. i.e insurance fraud.

and the perpetual spiral of crap continues...

Random Picture time!

alcohol, sweet sweet nectar of omnipotent gods!

My elite PC Monitor, in all its glory!

My elite keyboard, come at me bro.

My PC Case with optional configurable Cat Attatchment


Hackers Hijack Cryptome and Delete Everything

The longstanding whistleblower website has been hacked during the weekend and all of the 54,000 files hosted on it have been deleted.

Cryptome publishes sensitive leaked documents and is ran by a long-time civil liberties activist named John Young, who co-founded the site in 1996.

The attack began during the early hours of October 2nd with the hacking of an Earthlink email address associated with the domain name.

The hackers then contacted the site's hosting provider, Network Solutions, from the compromised mailbox and requested information about the Cryptome's accounts.

There is no information to suggest that Network Solutions gave hackers control over the site's management panel, but they did somehow manage to get in.

They proceeded to delete all of the 54,000 files (around 7 GB) hosted in the account, changed the password and replaced the index page.

Theere were two separate versions of rogue home pages uploaded. One credited a hacker named "Trainreq" for the attack and the other one calling himself "RuxPin".

The pages reference "EBK" and "Defiant," two of the hackers convicted for hijacking the domain back in May 2008.

Kryogeniks, the group of defacers "EBK" and "Defiant" were members of, is also mentioned and so is Bradley Manning, the Army intelligence analyst suspected of leaking classified data to Wikileaks.

"A person wrote claiming to know who did the hack. No way to know if this claim is true. Hackers, like spies, often blame one another to cover their tracks.
"Blocking attacks is nearly impossible due to the purposefully weak security of the Internet. Nearly all security methods are bogus.

"A competent hacker or spy, or the two working together, can penetrate easily. We monitor and keep back-ups ready. And do not trust our ISP, email provider and officials to tell the truth or protect us," a statement from Cryptome reads.

This is the second successful hack in fourteen years. The previous incident occurred in 2003 and also involved all files being deleted.

Back in February, the site was temporarily suspended by Network Solutions due to a DMCA notice from Microsoft regarding the company's "Global Criminal Compliance Handbook," which Cryptome published.

Then in March, PayPal suspended the account used by the site to receive donations from users, forcing John Young to refund $5,300.


IMO i highly doubt it was trainreq who did this, and if they did they aren't true hackers. merely puppets being employed by somebody to do their dirty work. no hacker in their right mind would delete all the files off a whistleblower website unless their was incriminating evidence against them. They usually back up the files and either hold it for ransom or simply give it back after they have gained some notoriety.

prepare for the new generation of hackers, hacking against we the people. they will make sure our internets are policed and profit from it.

DDoS attack hits U.K. record label and law firm

Denial of service attacks launched by the group Anonymous took down the Web sites of U.K. record label Ministry of Sound and its legal firm Gallant Macmillian on Sunday.

The Anonymous group targeted the two sites as part of its battle against organizations that it believes are using strong-arm tactics to deal with those who share files on the Internet. The Ministry of Sound specifically hired Gallant Macmillian to identify and sue individuals who allegedly uploaded songs from its music catalog, according to The Register. Macmillian has reportedly sent out letters to those suspected of illegal file sharing.
As of Monday, the Ministry of Sound and Macmillian both remain offline. Though some reports say that both sites were brought down by the DDoS assaults, file sharing site Slyck said that Macmillian intentionally took down its site ahead of the scheduled attacks. That move prompted Anonymous to change its plans and hit the Ministry of Sound and the record label's music store payment site.
In a statement from Anonymous that Slyck posted before Sunday's attack, the group said it has targeted companies like Macmillian since "they have declared themselves our enemies by sending out thousands of blackmailing letters against innocents, seeking compensation for copyright infringements that don't exist."
Security vendor Panda Security last week posted a chat session that it conducted with someone reportedly from Anonymous. The unidentified person said the group's mission is to fight back against the antipiracy lobby, claiming that its outdated views on copyright infringement need to be changed in light of the Internet.
These latest attacks follow DDoS hits launched by Anonymous two weeks ago against the MPAA (Motion Pictures Association of America), the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America), and a firm called Aiplex Software, which had been hired by the MPAA to go after sites that illegally share copyrighted content.


Letter to deadpool

Dear 'pool,
i would gladly take one in the face from you