Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Insurance and You

Ok so one of the downfalls of growing up and not acting like a kid anymore is responsibilities, when we are born we are expected to act a certain way when we reach a certain age. We are also expected to encounter problems caused by the monetary government. Luckily for us the same people that give us the monetary system and it's problems give us ways to defend ourselves against them.

These defences are called insurance and essentially allows us to insure ourselves against "bad things".

These bad things can range from work injuries to car accidents, medical dilemmas and especially mother nature.

what i find fascinating is that these defenses (insurance) also leads to more problems caused by the monetary system. i.e insurance fraud.

and the perpetual spiral of crap continues...


  1. Yeah, insurance :S
    Because I'm 18 and male, I'm in the highest risk group for a car accident, so my car insurance premium is insane.

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  4. @troykan - Well, I'm sure you were asking in relation to possibly certain insurance coverage in different areas, but that just came off as sorta spooky. Just sayin'.

    I have insurance on my identity. Sounds weird, but it's actually quite handy for the ol' peace of mind.

  5. insurance is all scare tactics

  6. In insurance-speak, indemnification means to make whole.

    So, let's say you have an accident insurance policy. In a freak accident, you lose your leg. Now, if you could truly be indemnified, you would get a new leg. But, since that can't yet be done, you get a check for what the insurance company feels your leg is worth. How much is your leg worth?

    Also, why don't we do limb transplants? Should anyone in this day and age have to walk around without limbs?

  7. @ Futomara

    Here here man, fucking here here.

    can't put a price on my limbs. they're one of a kind, so to speak.

  8. The insurance my company has is SO bad. I got stuck with a 2K bill saying that it was a procedure I didn't need. Thankfully the hospital footed the bill for me. :)

  9. Haha, spiral of crap. Yes the circle of crap is now complete.

  10. I liked what you said on my blog earlier today... GTL and blogging FTW!

  11. people are going to keep doing what they need for an extra buck or two..

  12. insurance is a good thing so you don't have to walk around worrying if everything is going to go wrong..