Friday, October 8, 2010

A severe case of KS'er rage

anyone who has played an MMORPG in their lifetime (or any game for that matter) will understand what it is like to be KS'ed (kill stolen/kill stoled/kill steal/kill stealed[you get the picture])

if you don't know what i'm talking about, just skim passed this post else LOL.

thank you for your time.

(that's a lion in the back)

Starbuck's Free Wi-Fi Opens the Door for Hackers and Crackers

Hackers and crackers are everywhere, looking for easy marks. Believe me when I say they're just as likely to hang out at your favorite Starbucks as you are, Ms. Entrepreneur. They could be sitting with a latte and a laptop on the sofa right next to you. And don't look for Boris- and Natasha-style cartoon characters here. ("Fearless Leader say we steal computer access from moose and squirrel!") They are far more subtle than that.

So for an entrepreneur who considers Starbucks -- or any other coffee shop for that matter -- his home office, what options are available to ensure the privacy and security of his or her data when accessing the internet on a free Wi-Fi connection?

One of the best ways is to use a Virtual Private Network to connect to the net. Until very recently, VPN was the stuff of corporations and large businesses. Small businesses, startups and independent entrepreneurs avoided VPN because it's highly technical to set up and administer.

Today, anyone can access the internet from a PC or Mac using what I call a "consumer grade" VPN. But don't let "consumer grade" fool you -- this is the same exact thing large corporations use. Think of a VPN as a secure tunnel that you use to connect to the internet -- a tunnel that's impervious to a hacker or cracker's attempt to see what you're doing and gain access to your data.

One provider of affordable and turnkey VPN is Connect In Private, which offers a secure offshore backchannel for internet surfing, e-mails and more on computers and mobile devices. CIP protects you from identity theft and fraud by providing a fully encrypted network that is impenetrable to hackers.

For about $15 a month (based on an annual contract), CIP provides a secure line for accessing the internet from anywhere you choose. This week, the company began offering a one-week account for $10, which gives you a chance to test-drive the service.

If you're accessing the net via a free and unsecured Wi-Fi spot, and you're working on something critical to the success of your startup, $10-$15 is a small price to pay to guarantee your data is secure!

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Exoskeletons, Robo Rats and Synthetic Skin: The Pentagon’s Cyborg Army

Eyes that are alert and steady. Skin that's sensitive to the touch. Arms that bend and grasp. To an unknowing observer, troops in the next-generation military might look much like today's.
But those eyes are veiled by self-assembling contact lenses that transmit text messages and take blood pressure readings. That skin is made up of nanowires laid onto flexible rubber. And the arm underneath? A prosthetic -- controlled by brain implant.
The Pentagon wants troops to be faster, stronger and more resilient. And with help from robotics, nanotechnology and neuroscience, the military's cyborg army -- from human troops to rat-bot recruits -- is getting prepped for battle.