Monday, October 4, 2010

ASIO files found in drug raid

A CACHE of secret files stolen from ASIO and police and anti-corruption 
agencies has been discovered during a drug raid in Melbourne, raising 
fears of a major breach of national security and crime intelligence.

Police are investigating whether the former head of intelligence and 
phone tapping at Victoria's Office of Police Integrity stole the 

The files were discovered on September 10 by detectives searching a 
house in Melbourne's north as part of a drug investigation.

They found boxes containing sensitive national security and law 
enforcement documents, including files from ASIO, the OPI and West 
Australian police.

The suspected criminal whose home was raided is believed to be in a 
relationship with the former OPI official suspected of taking the 
documents. The former official previously worked for the Victoria Police 
and the West Australian Anti-Corruption Commission. It is unclear how 
long the pair have been in a relationship.

The Age believes many of the documents contain information that may pose 
a threat to sources used by the agencies. The files also contain 
specific details on highly sensitive operational matters. 


  1. That's why you don't keep all your dirty eggs in one basket. Tsk tsk.
    Or 'be in a relationship' with someone from the Anti_corruption Commission.

  2. well, they did screw up, didn't they?