Thursday, October 14, 2010

Two Brothers, One Bike, One Cab

I'm going to be honest with you: There is really no way to build up the following story. It's just one of those things that is mathematically possible in the vastness of universe, but when it happens, it's creepier than those twin little girls from The Shining.
Where it Gets Weird:
In July 1975, newspapers on both sides of the Atlantic went nuts over the death of 17-year-old Erskine Lawrence Ebbin, the poor kid having been knocked off his moped by a taxi in Hamilton, Bermuda.
You see, the previous year his brother was killed ... on the same street. Also by a taxi. Both kids were 17, and they were hit almost one year apart. Oh, and they happened to be driving the same moped.

Moped show-boating claims two more lives.
Well ... OK. Mopeds are inherently unsafe, right? And maybe they both drove recklessly. It could happen.
Where it Gets Even Weirder:
Before we go any further, please know that Cracked had to check with several overseas libraries and even the Library of Congress to verify this report.

The following clipping appeared on page nine, column three of The Scunthorpe Evening Telegraph on July 21, 1975:
That's right.
The two brothers were killed by the same taxi.
With the same driver.
Carrying the same passenger.
Almost exactly one year later.
The Final Destination movies exist, folks, and you are living in them right now.

It's worth noting that death can occasionally be bribed with coke.

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  1. Holy cow thats crazy! I would kill the taxi driver and passenger, and burn the moped!

  2. Their dad obviously owed the taxi and his passenger a lot of money :P

  3. What, it must suck to be that taxi driver haha

  4. lol dude, those girls freak me out

  5. i looovved the first two movies.
    i'm really likin your blog so far.
    keep up the grandness

  6. final destination
    nice movie


  7. So how exactly would one go about bribing death with coke?
    Anyway, on a more serious note, that is really, really creepy, and if I were the (even younger) of their brothers, I would avoid that street, hell, I would move out of the fucking state to make sure that the same cab-driver doesn't drive me to death. I also wouldn't drive a moped. Then again, I don't anyway, and I don't plan on doing that. But that's besides my point

  8. I followed the link on your last post to the cracked site and kind of spoiled this one already.

    still some freaky shit though!

  9. hmmm very ineresting i have to say :)

  10. I always thought the little girls in shining were cute. nothing scary in little girls.

  11. those two little girls are freeeeeeeeeeaky

  12. That cab passenger must really hate that moped. He hired the cab to take it out and the brothers got caught in the middle of this blood fued

  13. Can I be the one that says, "Coincidences like this are bound to happen, and probably happen more than we are aware, just never fully reported?"
    Can I?!?

  14. The final line scared the hell out of me! Cheers ;_;

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  16. Oh, why did you have to mention those little creepy chicks from the Shining? Now I'm gonna have nightmares.

  17. all your posts are so awesome!

  18. holy shit that's a coincidence on an epic scale O.o